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Sunny Weather

The weather has been absoletly beautiful here at Pottery House for the past couple of days. Clear blue skies and around 17 deg c. We spent yesterday afternoon lazing in the garden and got quite burned. Today was a little cooler, but still very pleasant. We did a trip into town today to buy some new pots for our plants, several of our Acers needed repotting. The daffodils are coming to the end of their season now, however the tulips are coming into bud, the primrose denticulata still look lovely.

Chickens Are A Laying

We've got 8 new chickens at Pottery House, the idea being to keep us in fresh free range eggs for guests breakfasts. The last lot of chickens we had got too old and their egg laying had dimished. Our new hens where 17 weeks when they arrived at the start of April, and where extremely shy only coming out of the hen-house if bribed with food. Now there is no stopping them, in fact when I go out in the morning they peck at the door, waiting ofr it to be opened. The are laying 7-8 eggs a day, can't complain about that.

Brand New Blog

Welcome to the Blog for Pottery House Bed & Breakfast Loch Ness. We hope to share with yo all the latest news, events and photos from Pottery House, the village of Dores and Loch Ness in general. More to come soon.